Saturday, March 10, 2018

Wife First, Mommy Second?

At this point in my adulthood, I find that life is filled with ironies. You go through your teens dreaming of a far-off future, and spend your 20s wondering which man would end your wandering days. A great deal of time was devoted to heart-to-heart talks with your friends regarding this and that person who made your heart flutter and/or crash and burn at odd times, and some of us--myself included--have gone on the wildest chases after people who didn't deserve the mileage. 

I say this now because I find it ironic that I have worked so hard at relationships pre-marriage and kids, yet now that I have found my 'happily ever after and then some', I catch myself slipping away at times, as if I have never pictured myself here at all. 

I am not ashamed to admit that I have gone through literal battles with my loving husband over this topic. Am I a mom first now, and a wife second? Or should it be vice-versa? 

Here's a quick story: there was a time when I, at the throes of full-on mothering, refused to get intimate with my husband. Why? Because it just was NOT a priority. I rush out to go to work in the morning, work all day, rush home to hopefully kiss the kids goodnight, lie down, and Facebook myself to sleep. For a large part of a year (or perhaps even more), that was all that I wanted to do. And since we started co-sleeping with Una at six months, there were times that I'd forget that there was a Man in the bed co-sleeping with us, too. The poor guy wanted intimacy. He wanted to be treated as a man, whereas I just wanted to sleep. 

Of course, there are plenty of reasons why this problem came about. Let's dive into that for a bit and cite these points, according to BellyBelly:

  1. Wife's super tired. It's just been a killer day.
  2. She already had someone all over her all day long, and the least she wants at the end of the day is yet another koala bear.
  3. She might actually be depressed.
  4. She's afraid that sex might be painful, at times due to a clinical after-effect of birth called "Dyspareunia".
    Dyspareunia - See more at:
  5. She's breastfeeding, and the hormones that make that work sadly kill the libido vibe.
  6. Low self-esteem. Taking her clothes off are at the bottom of her to-do list.
  7. She needs more attention, more romance...something that a tired dad can't always switch on either
  8. She needs to feel a connection first, not just a drive-thru order
While these points are truly, truly valid, I would venture to say that the husband who doesn't get his nookie is also going through quite an ordeal. My husband once said to me that while there may be other ways to go about it, he did not sign up for that. That is key, and true in so many ways, because he signed up to get Me for a lifetime, and not just the empty shell of who I was or how I was to him before the kids came out of my uterus.

It was utterly frustrating during those times when I could not reason out. It's true that a lot of marriages crash and burn with neglect, because as soon as someone in there feels that he/she is taken for granted, ignored, and essentially unimportant, you tend to go astray.

I would often tell him that I feel that I have been reborn as a different version of me, and I see my life as a pie chart. A big heaping slice goes to the kids, of course, because when you bring a human being into this world, all the clichès become truth and they are all that seem to matter. A big slice also goes to work, in my case, because work provides the balance that our lives need. The thing about husbands though, is they also need a big slice for themselves too. This leaves the mother--in this case, myself--with hardly any crumbs left for herself. 

To illustrate:

So to go back to the question...

Should you be a wife first, and a mother, second? 
There will come a time when the kids will eventually leave, and all that's left in the house is a wife and a husband relearning how it is to just be "them". But, for argument's sake, if you treat yourself as a wife first and prioritize the heck out of your man, you won't really have to re-learn much, do you? 

If you're a mother first and a wife second, you would really need the most understanding, the most self-effacing, and the most submissive man by your side. He would have to accept that he has moved from the driver's seat to the backseat (at least, for now) and be truly content with getting what he can, when he can. 

That's easier said than done! My husband is a great man and is as understanding as he can be, but I cannot fault him for wishing that I could achieve better balance.

After much communication (the key, as all the clichés also say), I would say we are in a better spot than we were a year into parenting. We are more understanding of each others needs and wants, and I have somehow been able to rewire my brain into remembering that I have a husband--the one I have always wanted and searched for relentlessly. He held my hand through everything, and he is half the reason why I have kids to look after anyway. For that, and so much more, gratitude is at the top of the list. So aside from cooking the occasional meal, or the back rubs that come few and far in between these days, intimacy has ultimately become a very important way of saying 'thank you'. Thank you, for treating me like the woman I have always been, and for actually still finding me sexy despite the milk stains on my shirt or the disheveled look that has become the epitome of my personal style these days.  And of course, aside from that, let's be honest and mature--it can also be pretty great.

When you have that locked down, every time you hold hands, it's more real. And the kids will see that, and they will feel the love emanating from that connection. You were man and woman first, who became man and wife together, and with that solidarity, you can work on being the most kick-ass parents together as well. 


How about you? Are you a wife first, and a mom second? Or vice-versa?



Sunday, March 4, 2018

Grounding & Barefoot Play Concept

My husband and I have been no good with keeping traditions, but so far, we've succeeded in our weekly sojourn to my old college stomping grounds in UP Diliman. We wake up at 7 a.m., skip the cold morning shower, and begin our quick packing. 

Since we haven't had time to really go all out with food preps for a proper picnic (especially since I'm still up all night breastfeeding), we've been religiously buying bagels and coffee from a nearby cafe and bringing all that over to UP together with our blanket, Una's bike, and a change of clothing for the kids. That's the bare minimum that we've tried our best to stick to.

Going on these picnics have been very refreshing for us. We lay our blanket underneath a lush mango tree near the Oblation, and as with other families and groups of friends that have their own little corners, we just don't mind everyone else and pretend that we have our own little world.

This is something we wish to really work on, especially since our children are growing up in a totally different era, with technology dictating  much of what there is to do within the day. At the risk of sounding like the elders I used to scoff at, 'gone are the days when children used to climb trees' just seems so apt to say.

Hence, we take them here. 

Apart from the usual picnic and bonding, we've introduced a concept into the routine. It's called grounding. Also known as "earthing", this basically means reconnecting with the earth (meaning actual soil, grass, and rocks) and allowing the Earth to act like a charger for the human body's batteries.


According to the Chopra Center, this has plenty of benefits for us "bioelectrical beings" living on an electrical planet. Studies have shown that grounding helps decrease inflammation and pain levels, reduce in stress levels and and improved blood flow or circulation. 

So in order to "ground" ourselves, we have been literally kicking off our shoes and walking around the grounds barefoot. Let me tell you, at first of course it's a bit of a change and your skin memory will remind you about that every second. But once you get used to it again and remember what it felt to be a child running around parks and your streets, then it'll be okay. At the very least, if grounding proves to be a fluke, nakakawala ng arte ang exercise na 'to. 

The first time we did it, it felt invigorating and enlivening. The only curious thing that came off it is that when we got home and took a mid-day Sunday nap, we woke up feeling both relaxed and tired! It may have been from the activities, but  of course it may have also been due to the fact that we are not used to waking up early on a Sunday and going about our day outdoors anymore. My husband says that maybe our bodies just aren't used to grounding anymore, so it's (in essence) re-calibrating.
Again, whether grounding actually works or not, at the very least, one great thing has come out of it. My nephew Javi has finally learned how to climb a tree. At the age of 9, he retains some childhood qualms about climbing and the inevitable fall, of which we reassured him would not happen. After the first few guided trials, Javi moved up to climbing on his own and acting as cool, calm and collected as he possibly could.

He's enjoying it, obviously.

The thing is, we millenial parents (yes, I count myself as one) are so hellbent on giving our children unique experiences that we may or may not have had as children. But as we know all too well, "unique" also comes with hefty price tags. We can't always take them out of town, or to the newest playzone in the mall. You may argue that if one can afford it, why not do it, but I also find that always giving in to our kids' pricey requests (whether they are aware of it or not) will also inevitably have an effect on their EQs. 

We can't always give them what they think they want, but in terms of giving them a friendly, open space for them to enjoy every minute of their childhood, we as parents can definitely give them what we believe they need.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Are You Guilty of Body Shaming the New Mommy?

Let's go straight to the point. A common problem for women who recently used their bodies to birth a human being the size of a bowling ball, endured nine months of pain and hours of labor, and are currently healing from the aftermath of the entire experience while breastfeeding a baby is how to answer this question: When will you lose the baby weight? 

It is an obvious question because people around you have gotten used to seeing you as a spherical matter, but now that the baby is out, there are crevices and spaces that just do not naturally shrink back...unless you are a biological raffle winner, which in most cases, is improbable.

I myself have been asked this question far too many times in the last few weeks upon going back to work or showing up to public events. Despite the fact that I am only three months post-partum, people (even my close, ruthless friends) seem to take it upon themselves to point out the Obvious to me, perhaps not realizing that no one else--literally, not even my husband or kids--look at or see myself as often in a day as I personally do. That's what the mirror, a silver spoon, a dusty car, or (gasp) my selfie camera tells me 24/7, so...tell me something I don't know. Funny story: I went to the tiangge in Greenhills yesterday to buy more of my favorite undies and saleslady (let's call her "Lady I have never met in my life") suggested to me that I get them in a large size because according to her, I am "balakangin". 

Prior to having children, I never had child-bearing hips. I had the classic stick figure but I did have the kind of ass that you'd have to look at side view in order to appreciate. (It was literally my asset). But as soon as the pelvic muscles started stretching out, well, let's just say my bahay bata  floor area just got an expansion type of renovation.

So my point is this: I know I'm bigger than I have ever been. I know I still have my belly bulge. I know it is taking a bit longer than the first time I gave birth. I know it. By heart.

It makes you wonder why most of us feel that it is our right--or our duty--to body shame a new mother? Perhaps it's because to their minds, they are just making a carefree comment, or maybe it is concern masquerading as humor. However, body shaming a new mother is more pointless than hurtful. But maybe, just maybe, you're not even aware that you're doing anything wrong. So let's list down a few commonly voiced out opinions and see where you fit in, shall we?

  • "AKALA KO BA NAKAKAPAYAT ANG BREASTFEEDING?" Breastfeeding is supposed to help shed the weight. So are the sleepless nights. She is probably currently experiencing both. But the question is, if it ain't your tits that are getting the 24/7 beating, why are you so impatient? Breastfeeding is hard work, believe me. It often leaves you feeling drained and hungry. If you have a human being latching on to you all throughout your day, you'd wanna make sure you eat to literally stay alive.
  • "PWEDE KA NAMAN NA MAG-DIET, EH." Speaking of breastfeeding, no matter how a new mom would like to diet, it would be ill-advised for her to do so because she is the only source of nutrition for the baby. She can't starve herself or lessen her intake too much to achieve her pre-baby weight because obviously, someone else needs to pack on weight too.
  • "BAKIT DI KA MAG-EXERCISE?" If the new mom went through a Cesarian Surgery, give her some time. In case it slipped your mind, doctors used scalpels to dig in to her body and cut through layers of skin, muscle and tissue to get the baby out of her uterus. That is a deep, long scar. It needs to heal for at least six months. So, why are you in a hurry?
  •  "NAG-IBA NA TALAGA ANG KATAWAN MO," Most new mothers are just too darn sensitive for a million valid reasons, so don't drive a knife too far deep with your comments. If you are truly concerned, then find a kind way to bridge the topic. "Uy, tumaba ka" simply just doesn't cut it. Nor does showing her old photos of her old body from a couple years ago.

There are so many other things on a post-natal mother's mind than having to deal with losing the baby weight, and yet it's one of the major topics that hang over our heads and tend to weigh us down.  The constant judgement and questioning, whether spoken or insinuated, does not help anyone; it in fact would even lessen the speaker's brownie points. 

Just remember, when dealing with women who have just recently given birth, exercise caution and dispense kindness. Our bodies just got wrecked, our spirit just underwent yet another upheaval, and our minds are further split than a dozen Horcruxes. The weight may--or may not--be shed off, but just remember, the person you are criticizing has to look at herself in the mirror everyday after you make such comments, and the voice inside her head telling her that she's just simply outdated is not a good voice to hear. 

So to all you newly-minted mothers like myself who have not yet lost the baby weight, toughen up too and learn how to deal, because the fact of the matter is, haters gonna hate but just like good ol' Taylor Swift likes to say, all you gotta do is simply s h a k e  i t  o f f !

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Tipid Alert: Landers Superstore Membership 50% off!

Ever since we moved back to the innards--not just the heart--of Pasig City, I have had to contend with a lot of changes and upheavals from the comforts that I enjoyed while living in Quezon City. Apart from the traffic, one such thing is having to say goodbye to my new old favorite supermarket located in Fisher Mall. 

See, grocery shopping is a spiritual experience to me. There is a calmness that comes with pushing a cart through different aisles and rows, quietly contemplating whether to get this or that jar of tomato sauce, to splurge or to save, and whether or not this is the day you deserve to buy a big can of Pringles for your single-handed enjoyment. 

Back to Pasig. We moved back here after two years of going back to QC, and it was a devastating moment when I realized that my beloved ShopWise Libis had closed down. I came upon the familiar site to see a wrecking crew at work, and I knew I had to move on, buckle up, and forlornly head to the nearest SM Save More or the next best thing, South Supermarket. But even after almost a year of attempting to forget and move on from the one thing that made sense in this zip code,  ShopWise Libis continues to haunt me, like an ex-boyfriend you never quite got over, or simply put, the one that got away. Because there is, in fact, a ShopWise in Cubao, but in today's traffic, who has the time and the energy to go there? 

They recently re-opened the space as "All Day SuperMarket" with an "All Home" to boot, and so I went the other night fully intending to take pictures and rave about how lovely it was that they have reinstated a grocery in that dear ol' space, but surprisingly, there was no magic. No zazazoo. 

Sure, All Day has amazing interiors. A pseudo-Whole Foods/Trader Joe's/Levelled-Up Rustan's if you will. They have a vintage red Ford truck right at the veggies section that serves no pertinent purpose. The grocery area smells new, looks new, feels new. However, it lacked something that ShopWise had effortlessly: the fact that Shopwise had EVERYTHING. It will never be the same. 

I realize that I may have spoken far too highly--and lengthily about a supermarket.  

Anyway, the whole reason I am writing this post is because I chanced upon a small opportunity to reclaim my love for grocery shopping therapy: the construction of a Landers Superstore along C-5, just minutes away from nearby Eastwood and Tiendesitas. Today, I finally stopped by a makeshift outpost they built with an attractive sign: MEMBERSHIP AT 50% OFF. And with that, I turned to the right, parked, and headed straight for the sign up sheet. 

The great thing about this is that it is the perfect time for cheapskates like myself to sign up and pay only P400.00 for a membership for an entire year, as opposed to the full price of P800.00! 

I took Una along with me and she turned on the charm, so the lady asked if I wanted to include her in the ID picture. Left with no choice, I took the shot with her and this is us, eager to please.

I will never be "just me" again, no?
I will never be "JUST ME" again, no? :P

Just fill up the form, get your picture taken, pay up and head out!  

Work Harder = Pang-Shopping

According to the registration people, Landers is set to open at the end of March (which I highly doubt because there is literally almost nothing yet erected as of this writing), so it'll be a waiting game until I can hop over to buy lots of things I don't really need--but in wholesale! Imagine the many times I will push my cart along aisles filled with big bags of chocolates that I won't buy, or thick American towels I will touch but snivel at, or the big bag of chips that I will desire but pretend to scoff at as I move along. The point is, I'm a woman who likes to have her options, and Landers might just be another one I can tick off my list--but at least I got there at 50% off! 

50% off at sign up is supposedly only until the end of January. Or the lady could just have been saying that for all I know. Basta Mars, punta na dun. 


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Meet My New Buddy: The UVi Buddy Sterilizer Review

Apart from having sleepless nights, dealing with spit-ups and tantrums, and the endless worrying, another constant in a mom’s life is this routine: milk-bottle-wash-steam-REPEAT. Whether you breastfeed and pump, or you formula-feed the baby, you have so many steps to check off your list before finally calling it a night. 

In my case, my toddler still uses her Tommee Tipee bottles for her fresh milk, and my newborn gets bottle-fed his liquid gold from time to time. This means I have bottles and pump parts to wash, steam and wipe almost twice a day. In as much as this routine is necessary, magpakatotoo tayo... it gets tiring and tedious sometimes. Plus, truth be told, does steaming or boiling the bottles assure you that the bacteria’s gone for good? And when you use that cloth to wipe them dry, are you assured that the cloth doesn’t just transfer germs and cloth fibers back to the bottle? Airdrying can also be questionable because let’s face it, germs are always in the air. Sidenote: it’s funny how the word “germs” always reminds me of the Safeguard commercials from our childhood, no? 

Anyway, a friend of mine was nice enough to lend me something she said would be a nice change of pace, and would give me peace of mind: a UV sterilizer! I gotta tell you, I’ve seen these things on my newsfeed and at mommy bazaars, but I’ve always been quite aloof about them due to the prices I’ve seen, ranging from 10,000 and up. For a wannabe “wais na misis”, that’s just not in my zone. So cut to this UV sterilizer I was talking about: it’s called the UVi Buddy Sterilizer and Dryer! Check it out! 
Ang cute, no?

Oha! As soon as I unboxed this, my daughter said “is that for me?”, only because of the window shaped liked a famous Mouseketeer we know. Let's take a look inside!
Excuse the accidental selfie. 

There are two racks for all your bottles, teats, and caps, or you can slide the top layer out and fit a big item inside. 

Since I don’t really know much about what the big “tah-dah” is on UV sterilization versus the old ways, I looked it up and found out that most medical establishments rely on "ultraviolet germicidal irradiation" as a disinfection method. UV light has been used to sterilize even drinking water. Of course, since this is technically alien technology to a relatively new mom like me, I had to do some more digging (otherwise known as just simply reading the pamphlet that went with the product) and here's what I found: 
  • It kills 99.99% of bacteria like E-coli, Salmonella  and Staph. Look at that percentage! As a mom, you can't help but like those odds. It wasn't too long ago when Una had to be hospitalized for almost five days because of vomiting, and the test results were inconclusive. It led me to think she incurred some kind of stomach virus, and eliminating bacteria from something as vital as her milk bottle could really do wonders for her well-being.
  • The UVi Buddy uses a single UV light bulb from Philips that has an estimated life span of 9,000 hours. That's a long time before I have to buy a replacement bulb! Allergic to dust and GASTOS!
  • It's got buttons! I actually enjoyed having to learn how to operate the UVi Buddy, only because it felt like I had my own little laboratory at home. My daughter also loves pressing the start button and in a way, it's an opportunity for me to teach her to care for her belongings.
  • More importantly--and sadly, my trusty steam sterilizer seems paltry compared to this--it has 4 modes or functions. You can set it on automatic, drying, sterilizing or disinfecting and safekeeping mode. More on that below! 
  • It's a time saver and a space saver too! Since it can fit up to 12 feeding bottles, I can easily do one round of sterilization each time and would no longer have the need for my bottle drying rack. I can also just use this buddy for storage so no need for my plastic bottle box either. (This means, more space for my funny pots from @the_pot_dealer!)

During our brief time with each other, I made sure I made the most out of the UVi Buddy. For the everyday items such as the milk bottles and pump parts, I used the Automatic mode, which basically takes 40 minutes. Now at first, that might seem like a long time compared to the 5-10 minutes on your steam sterilizer, but this is the basic breakdown: 30 minutes are spent drying the items, then the last 10 minutes are for the sterilization process. Only then will the light actually turn on, so don't fret (like me)! 
Spot the naked Barbie.

As I mentioned before, drying your bottles with a cloth or air drying can create bigger problems if dust particles or bacteria manage to latch on during the process. So it's great that with a press of the "Drying" button, you can have your bottles dried in 30 minutes, and not one minute spent on worrying! 

Here's the fun part: disinfecting. This, to me, is one of the UVi Buddy's great points, because you can put your baby's favorite teething toy or stuffed animal inside and in 5 minutes, you're sure 99.99% sure your baby isn't hugging or teething on a bacteria-laden item. 

The crazy part is you can even sterilize your cellphone here, and it won't implode at all. Of course, turn it off before you pop it in there so as not to cause anything you will regret. 

And lastly, you can keep your sterile items inside on safekeeping mode which basically means your bottles can hang out in there for an extra 2 hours on the clock just to stay cozy in a sterile environment. 

MotherPader's PROs and CONs LIST:

  • Price: If you're like me and you can't bring yourself to buy a sterilizer for 15k and up, this is selling for a friendlier price: 6,800 pesos only. I saw their ad on their Instagram account (@uvibuddyph) and saw that they had a discounted price of 6,120 during a promo, so for me, that's an attractive aspect.
  • I like that it lessens my zombie mode. I can literally wash the bottles, pop them in, press two buttons and sleep. I don't need to wait for the sterilizer to finish its job; this automatically shuts off, and when the baby  needs a bottle, I have plenty of dry, clean ones to use. 
  • It gives me that extra peace of mind, because I don't have to think of what moisture or dust or bacteria can do to the bottles and in essence, my baby's stomach. It's almost like I'm using a hospital-grade machine to care for my baby's feeding bottles and that puts me at ease. 
  • It's not heavy as you might think it is. It's lighter than my milk-drunk newborn! 
  • I thought it would take up more counter space but it doesn' lessened my need for extra clutter. 
  • Lastly, to be totally honest, ang lakas niya maka-soshal, momshie.
  • If you're the type who needs to feel the hot bottle in your hand to gain assurance that it's clean, this won't  do that for you. But take note, at least it won't give you a slight palm burn and steam facial when you open the lid!
  • If you are given the choice between a 2,000 peso steamer or a 1,000 boiling pot versus an almost 7,000 peso machine, you might think twice. Or thrice. But compared to the others, I mean, if you can afford it, I'd go for this one! Malaking tipid talaga.
  • The UV bulb will have to be changed. 
  • There might be a musty smell during the first few uses, I guess because of the metal inside but it went away after literally a couple uses. 

Overall, I'm happy I got to spend time with the UVi Buddy, even for just a short while. It's definitely on my list of things I can ask Santa for this Christmas (*husband*cough*) because I'm now a believer in investing in something competitively priced and ultimately, will help save you from more headaches in the future. 

Thumbs Up from Una!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

New Mommy Wasteland: 9 Months & Beyond Boutique

When I was still single, I loved going to National Bookstore. I lovingly termed it as my wasteland, only because I could stay there for hours and look at both nothing and everything at the same time, want to take home so many things and never know which to finally get... those were the good ol' days. Should I take up painting? Do I really need a new Stabilo? Erasers with scents! 

Now that I am knee deep in motherhood, I have found myself magnetized towards anything baby and mommy-related. As I previously wrote about here, I always feel guilty about shopping for myself and now always weigh the pros and cons before buying clothes, whereas if I see anything good for the baby, it's almost always a done deal. 

Imagine the hardship I went through when I stepped inside my newfound Wasteland: 9 Months & Beyond. This mom & baby boutique is conveniently located along Malingap Street in the area that never goes out of style, Teacher's Village, QC.  

"Home is where the MOM is"

I went one Saturday morning with Una all because I wanted to see the items from their instagram account firsthand, plus maybe pick up a few odds and ends as well. I was elated to see owner Jelly Lagman-Victor in person at the store while she was doing a store check. I introduced myself since I am a member of her FB support group called "TBDM Mommy Club".

Let's do a quick review, shall we?

- Right smack in the middle of everything in Teacher's Village. That's a "pro". A "con" is it's on the 2nd floor but there is an elevator, which balances the fact that parking is a rarity in this area. This is not the boutique's fault, more of the village itself. 
-How to get there: From East Ave., turn right to V. Luna, left at Kalayaan Ave. then right again at Malingap St. You can find it at #22, right side. Kumpleto na yan ha. If all else fails, Waze is King.

- As soon as we stepped into the boutique, I felt drawn in by how cozy it felt. Granted the space is a bit tight but that doesn't matter because of the wall-to-wall displays of attractive items! 

-It's got a bit of that Pinterest x Industrial vibe. Lovely! 

-Big, big, BIG plus points: As soon as you step inside,  there's a nook where your little one can busy herself with little activities and pretend-play while you shop. 

Busy si Aling Una

This just nails it because you are reminded why you are here in the first place: it's a pretend shop within a shop. Inception!


Where do we begin? 
- If you want nursing and maternity clothes, they have it.  You want cute dresses for your daughter or son's OOTD, they have racks of it. (Shoutout to The Baby Depot Manila) 

- Organic is still IN, so you have plenty of choices if you're into that. All you Messy Bessy and Human Nature fans out there...they've got what you want here. 

Interesting sighting: organic toys. At syempre, hindi mawawala ang essential oil bottles, for all you Titas Of Manila. 

-When it comes to toys, they also have variety. There are educational ones, plushies, quiet books (which we all need), and my personal favorite: the DIY toys. Look at these papier mache dinosaur toys which you can paint! I bought one as a gift but it was promptly ambushed by Una as soon as we got home.

May Kabayo, Dinosaur, Alimango...
It kept her busy and entertained for quite a while, plus she got to use her creative juices. Double win!

- Interesting find: literal na lutu-lutuan! If you want to hang on to the lovely memories of your childhood and want nothing to do with these China-made plastic kitchen sets, go get your kid her own palayok and miniature kaldero! I think these are brilliant, and a well-thought of business item. Kudos to the creators!

- Babywearing! I have seen the local carrier brand called IMA: In My Arms and have longed for my own with the native hinabi fabric, but since I still have three different carriers in my possession, I can't afford to get another one just yet. Some say babywearing is on the decline, as compared to its boom during the last couple of years BUT for me, it is a practice that is truly worth advocating and kudos to IMA for still keeping that fire burning!
Look! A Star Wars print on a carrier!

-Wearable Kid Art: I had to take a picture of Bubba Doodles! 

If you want to keep a piece of your little one always close to your heart, you can turn their artwork into wearable art jewelry! From their footprint marks to their scribbles, you can turn these early Picasso-releases from your kid's creative eye into necklaces, pendants, keychains, or even Christmas ornaments. Another "why didn't I think of that first" idea! 

-Coco Haven: This is probably one rack I will go back for, only because I didn't have enough money at the time but since I have been hearing rave reviews about their products, I promise I will come back to buy some, starting with their baby shampoo. 

Some moms from my FB support group raved about the fact that their kid's head smells less like a batang araw when they use this, so I shall get my hands on one soon!

Overall, I would say that I am in awe of enterprises such as this that start from online selling and finally materialize into a brick and mortar shop. It's great that mompreneurs are multiplying, and that we bilmokomommies have somewhere to go to when we want to personally see items we just found online beforehand. 

It will be interesting to see how this store and its retailers will continue to thrive. In the meantime, I shall keep salivating over the nice little dresses, and the little toys, and the accessories and wraps and nursing covers and bibs....

Eh kaso mahal yung bill namin sa Meralco. LOL.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Cloth Diapering @ Lemonsprouts

Prior to giving birth, I decided to look more into cloth diapering (or "CDs",as online-savvy moms call them) and its pros and cons. Good thing there are many Facebook groups and friends who are committed to it so I had quite a few good leads. My friend Jill referred me to a free seminar that was happening in my 'hood so I found it opportune to attend the session by well-known Seamstress and local brand Cottonytail's owner Sheryl Pineda at this quaint cafe called Lemonsprouts

Conveniently located right along A. Rodriguez Ave. here in Pasig (literally 5 minutes away from my house), this cafe and store caters to families, mothers and kids who would love to have the chance to shop and dine at the same time. 

Naturally, being the newbie that I was, I felt a bit of apprehension as I pulled up to Lemonsprouts, but I was met by Seamstress as soon as I stepped inside. Here's a quick overview of the store area:

Cloth diapers on display

Cute prints on terno outfits for your kids

Cozy, homey, and industrial interiors make you want to stay & hang out!

wet bags

I have to admit, learning about cloth diapering is quite daunting for a first-timer. There are so many terms, types, and functions to keep track of. 

Confused? Understandable. But take the time to learn!

That was precisely the reason why I got turned off from the idea the first time. However, I was given a great introduction by way of actually being told the differences between certain types of CDs, and was even part of a quick DIY to make your own cloth diaper for your baby!

Using felt, velcro, and an insert to make a DIY version!

That being said, I think it's great that a cafe and store such as this now exists. I don't think I've seen a mommy-centric store and cafe combo before so kudos for the concept! Lemonsprouts is still gaining its ground and have since opened fully. I often pass by and can say that the facade might not be too noticeable due to the awning of the bank beside it, but if you take the time to check it out, you won't regret the experience! They serve home-style good food, delicious home-brewed iced tea, and of course, coffee! If you're headed this way, I would suggest a pass-by for some R&R. You won't really miss it; just Waze Mirea residences and you should be right up front.